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Restricted Items and Services

List of Prohibited Items

  • Pornographic and adult materials
  • Weapons, ammunitions and related items (e.g. firearms, switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, silencers, BB guns, stun guns, tear guns, burglary tools, etc.)
  • Fireworks (e.g. explosives, destructive devices, grenades, etc.)
  • Prohibited, prescription, regulated and over-the-counter drugs and medical devices (e.g. contact lenses, hypodermic needles, hearing aids, drug paraphernalia, etc.)
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Blood and human body parts (e.g. organs, bone, sperm, eggs, etc.)
  • Animal parts, endangered or protected animals and taxidermy animals
  • Illegal telecommunications equipment
  • Digital products (e.g. e-tickets, email address, domain names and online accounts)
  • Health and beauty products
  • Amulets and talisman
  • Used underwear
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Radio, TV and Internet recordings
  • Multilevel Marketing (MLM), pyramid and trading schemes
  • Lottery tickets
  • Personal information or mailing lists

List of Prohibited Services

  1. Childcare
  2. SMS Services
  3. Massage and Spa treatment
  4. Escorts
  5. Freelance Models
  6. Domestic help
  7. Matchmaking and Dating Service
  8. Therapies, including but not limited to, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services
  9. Counseling
  10. Gaming: Lottery, Video Karera, Jueteng, Hilo, Masiao, Number Card Prediction and Reading Services, Sakla, and others
  11. Business Partnership
  12. Loan and Financing
  13. Black Magic Services