iPinoyMarket is an online buying and selling website and not a marketing site. All ads that are placed on our site, whether they’re owned privately or by a company, should have items, jobs and services that fall under the following categories: For Sale, For Rent or Looking For. iPinoyMarket does not get involved in dealings and transactions between buyers and sellers.

iPinoyMarket aims to promote a safe and family-friendly website. As such, all information contained in the ads for posting and specified within the site must follow the rules set forth below. iPinoyMarket reserves the right to suspend the account of users who, in iPinoyMarket’s own opinion, violates or tends to violate these rules. Furthermore, iPinoyMarket reserves the right to delete or reject any and all posts, advertisements, reply, comment and/or feedback that in its own opinion violates or tends to violate the rules set forth below. Once an ad is rejected, the user will be given the chance to modify and change the ad until it meets the standards set forth by iPinoyMarket.

iPinoyMarket reserves the right to change and amend these rules, if and when it decides, at any time, with or without notice.

General Guidelines

  • Being a family-friendly site, iPinoyMarket strictly prohibits any form of adult content or sexual materials. This shall include, but will not be limited, to the following:
  • Buying and selling of pets or animals should be in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 of the Philippines, Fisheries Act 4003 of the Philippines, Philippine Carabao Act of 1992, Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna).
  • iPinoyMarket prohibits the sale of stolen, pirated and counterfeit goods or forgeries of branded products. This shall include, but not be limited to, unauthorized replicas (e.g. watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (e.g. software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, photographs, etc.).
  • Ads and images that contain materials that are considered offensive to religious and ethnic groups, individuals, companies or public figures are strictly prohibited.
  • Stealing another person’s identity to create an account for material and non-material gain is strictly prohibited.
  • Creating duplicate accounts with the intention of spamming the website by posting the same set of ads over and over again is strictly prohibited.
  • Ads that offer services should adhere to the applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines that govern such profession or service.
  • Being a buying and selling site for Filipinos, iPinoyMarket will only accept ads and posts that are written in either English or Tagalog.

Rules in Posting Ads

  • Ads must be posted in the correct category. Site administrators can amend, delete and/or rearrange any ad which, in iPinoyMarket’s opinion, is posted inaccurately.
  • Posting duplicate ads in one category, as well as the same ads in multiple categories are not allowed. The ad must be placed in the category that describes the item or service the best. Goods and services that do not belong in the same category must be placed in separate ads.
  • You are not allowed to have two similar active ads under one Main category. If your ad falls in more than one sub-category under a Main category, select the best and closest one and post it there.
  • You can only post an ad that is similar to your previous ad if the previous one is already deleted or has already expired.


  • Two or more users are allowed to post similar ads as long as they refer to different items. Duplicate ads and copied text and/or images of other ads are not allowed.
  • Images in the ads need to be relevant to the item or service advertised. Company logos are prohibited to be used as images, except for the following categories: Jobs, Services and Businesses for Sale. You are not allowed to use images used by other advertisers without their consent since they are protected by copyright laws. You warrant that you have the necessary copyrights to the images you upload to iPinoyMarket, and that you give consent to iPinoyMarket to use these images for advertising and promotional materials. Intellectual property owners should inform iPinoyMarket if there are any ads, posts, and/or listings that they deem may have violated copyright, patents, trade or service marks and/or any other intellectual property right.
  • Ads that are no longer valid should be deleted right away (e.g. item has been sold, job has been filled-in).
  • Advertisement hijacking or posting messages on other seller’s ads with the goal of promoting their own ad is strictly prohibited.
  • False and misleading information in ads are strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to:

-  inaccurate pricing

-  inaccurate condition of the item

-  insufficient description of the item or service

- ads that lead or link to other websites or blogs that are filled with other ads     (cross-linking)

-  images unrelated to the ad, including thumbnails

-  ads created to generate traffic to another website or to generate downloads

  • Do not include your phone number or your email address in the ad heading or text field. There are specific fields to enter this information in order to enhance other user’s experience as well as increase your response rate.
  • Keyword stuffing or loading an ad with repetitive keywords and/or meta tags is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of unnecessary characters, SMS abbreviations and URLs are not allowed anywhere in the ad heading, text fields and images.
  • Ads that are deemed to be scam or with the intention of defrauding other users will be removed from the site.
  • Posting and promoting of ads in the community forum as posts or thread topics is prohibited. Ads should only be posted in the main website.

List of Prohibited Items

  • Pornographic and adult materials
  • Weapons, ammunitions and related items (e.g. firearms, switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, silencers, BB guns, stun guns, tear guns, burglary tools, etc.)
  • Fireworks (e.g. explosives, destructive devices, grenades, etc.)
  • Prohibited, prescription, regulated and over-the-counter drugs and medical devices (e.g. contact lenses, hypodermic needles, hearing aids, drug paraphernalia, etc.)
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Blood and human body parts (e.g. organs, bone, sperm, eggs, etc.)
  • Animal parts, endangered or protected animals and taxidermy animals
  • Illegal telecommunications equipment
  • Digital products (e.g. e-tickets, email address, domain names and online accounts)
  • Amulets and talisman
  • Used underwear
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Radio, TV and Internet recordings
  • Multilevel Marketing (MLM), pyramid and trading schemes
  • Lottery tickets
  • Personal information or mailing lists

List of Prohibited Services

  1. Childcare
  2. SMS Services
  3. Massage and Spa treatment
  4. Escorts
  5. Freelance Models
  6. Domestic help
  7. Matchmaking and Dating Service
  8. Therapies, including but not limited to, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services
  9. Counseling
  10. Gaming: Lottery, Video Karera, Jueteng, Hilo, Masiao, Number Card Prediction and Reading Services, Sakla, and others
  11. Business Partnership
  12. Loan and Financing
  13. Black Magic Services

List of Prohibited Job Postings

  1. Nanny and Childcare and Domestic help
  2. Non-Commercial Housekeeping Jobs
  3. Escorts
  4. Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists
  5. Modeling and Casting
  6. All sort of Auditions (Theater, Dance, Modeling, etc.)

*** All of the above restricted postings will be automatically suspended.