House Rules


iPinoyMarket is an online buying and selling website and not a marketing site. All ads that are placed on our site, whether they’re owned privately or by a company, should have items, jobs and services that fall under the following categories: For Sale, For Rent or Looking For. iPinoyMarket does not get involved in dealings and transactions between buyers and sellers.

iPinoyMarket aims to promote a safe and family-friendly website. As such, all information contained in the ads for posting and specified within the site must follow the rules set forth below. iPinoyMarket reserves the right to suspend the account of users who, in iPinoyMarket’s own opinion, violates or tends to violate these rules. Furthermore, iPinoyMarket reserves the right to delete or reject any and all posts, advertisements, reply, comment and/or feedback that in its own opinion violates or tends to violate the rules set forth below. Once an ad is rejected, the user will be given the chance to modify and change the ad until it meets the standards set forth by iPinoyMarket.

iPinoyMarket reserves the right to change and amend these rules, if and when it decides, at any time, with or without notice.

General Guidelines

Rules in Posting Ads


-  inaccurate pricing

-  inaccurate condition of the item

-  insufficient description of the item or service

- ads that lead or link to other websites or blogs that are filled with other ads     (cross-linking)

-  images unrelated to the ad, including thumbnails

-  ads created to generate traffic to another website or to generate downloads

List of Prohibited Items

List of Prohibited Services

  1. Childcare
  2. SMS Services
  3. Massage and Spa treatment
  4. Escorts
  5. Freelance Models
  6. Domestic help
  7. Matchmaking and Dating Service
  8. Therapies, including but not limited to, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services
  9. Counseling
  10. Gaming: Lottery, Video Karera, Jueteng, Hilo, Masiao, Number Card Prediction and Reading Services, Sakla, and others
  11. Business Partnership
  12. Loan and Financing
  13. Black Magic Services

List of Prohibited Job Postings

  1. Nanny and Childcare and Domestic help
  2. Non-Commercial Housekeeping Jobs
  3. Escorts
  4. Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists
  5. Modeling and Casting
  6. All sort of Auditions (Theater, Dance, Modeling, etc.)

*** All of the above restricted postings will be automatically suspended.

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